Mr Nice has rubbished the speculations that every fan has been making over a decade now…That the Fagilia hitmaker is poor after wasting his money on ‘Anasa Za Dunia’

Well, the Kidali Po singer says money to him is not and has never been a problem.

I have done what people are doing now like Having many cars, wearing good things that are valuable, walking with money! I walk with money on my car boot, you walk with money on your wallet and you say you have money?

Adding that;

Walk with money when somebody asks you, open your boot and show them so that we know whether you have money or not.

Mr Nice 2 - Mr Nice – ‘I carry millions in my car boot’

He admits that he is extravagant and is a fan of the good life.

As long as money is there. Yes, I live in a bar because I have money. If you want to live a luxurious life, You need to walk with money plus you will find some places don’t even have a bank. Where will you put that money if not in the boot?

I can say that I’m a very good spender because i know how to find it.

He goes on to say that in his glorious days, he helped artistes without announcing it to the world.

I Have helped a lot of artists. I didn’t call people to capture all that on camera. And I still help people. If I want to help.

Nice said all this during an interview with MillardAyo.

‘When I die…’ Mr Nice opens up on his life

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