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Singer Victoria Kimani is not your average lady. Well, she knows she is classy and tries to keep it that way even when it comes to the people she is dating. The popular singer opened up about this while speaking during a recent interview with Betty Kyallo where she talked about her love life. According to Victoria Kimani, she is currently single but is interested in a man who she thinks hasn’t noticed her yet. She went on to say; “I’m not dating anyone, there’s someone that I want to date but I don’t really think he wants to date me. I think I go for the wrong kind of guys. I think I go for bad boys and that’s not good. Swag successful, he needs to look good have a little bit of money he can’t be broke or if you’re broke, No you can’t be broke I’m sorry, I really am. I can’t. I want someone who has ambition, I don’t want someone who is lazy coz I’m not lazy, I don’t want someone who lacks vision, I want someone with a business mind because my business mind is not that great, there needs to be a balance,” Support from her parents Although she is a pastors daughter, Victoria Kimani says that her parents still support her career; however many at times they prefer if she used her voice to serve God. “I think my dad appreciates the music part of it as he is a musician, my mother definitely would prefer that I sing gospel music. It’s definitely their preference but honestly, my parents just want me to be successful more than anything. If I am successful, they are happy and even with the few successes I have had they post things on Facebook they are proud,”   

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