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We all have something in mind that we dream of getting for ourselves or for someone else. Maybe you want to get yourself a new laptop, take a course, go on vacation with your significant other, upgrade your TV, move into a posh estate, the list is endless. With such big goals in mind, it’s very important to have a good savings plan that helps you track how much you are putting away and shows you how close you are to achieving your goal. If you don’t have one, you might never realize your dream. Kenya’s leading mobile service provider, Safaricom, understands that saving is a hard task for many people and that’s why they developed the M-Shwari 52-Week Challenge to help you double your savings which will in turn help you to achieve your dream. The idea behind it is to deposit some money into your M-Shwari account every, week from the 1st week of January to the last week of December. The amount that you put away increases by Ksh 50 every week. For instance, if you save Ksh 50 this week, you’ll save Ksh 100 next week, Ksh 150 the week after that and so on. If you are disciplined and adhere to the savings schedule, you’ll have Ksh 68,900 or more at the end of the year which will help you to buy what you wanted or go on a much-needed holiday after a long year of hard work. You must be wondering what to do if you just learnt of this challenge which implies that you did not start saving from the first week of January. No need to worry. What I love most about the 52-week challenge is that it’s never too late to start. Look at it like this, we are in the…

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