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Kenyan International music star, Victoria Kimani articulates, she will not marry a broke guy. Period! During K24´s ¨Upclose with Betty¨, the China Love artist reveals that her love life is stale news for the time being, since Mr Right hasn´t showed up yet. Qualities The Nigerian-based Coco artist, has these conditions set for an eligible man in her life: First of all you can´t be broke. He needs to have swag and be successful. However, the TV siren, baffled the female artist when she asked about going after true love rather than money. Vicky guffawed that she wouldn´t date a lazy and unambitious guy. History The sultry songbird allegedly once dated Stanley Obiamulu, a Nigerian video producer and Director, before parting ways. Since then, she has laid low on dating. However, Vicky made a shocking revelation about her crush: I´m not dating anyone. There´s someone I want to date, but you know, I don´t really think he wants to date me. I think I go for the wrong kind of guys. Family Additionally, Vicky does have ambition to have her own family and settle down, just needs the ´right´ guy. It really needs to be with the right person because my worst fear is being a single mom. I´d like my children to grow up with mom and dad in the home. So it´s something I´m willing to take my time on. She´d go crazy if she delivers a baby who´d face rejection and left in the arms of a single mom to grow up in, that is her worst scare. I don´t want to rush and have someone´s baby and they don´t want to be with me, coz then I´ll go crazy. I´ll be the crazy baby mama. The music Queen is however still up and ahead in the music…

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