BEN POL 150x150 - Anerlisa Muigai´s expectant news comes as a shocking revelation to many Kenyans

Anerlisa Muigai and Fiancee, Ben Pol just recently hanged out with Bonfire Adventure´s couple where baby expectant revelations were made, with permission. On an Instagram post, CEO Mr Kabu shared a photo with his wife and Keroche Breweries´ Anerlisa Muigai, who looks all pumped up. He captioned: Congratulations @iambenpol and @anerlisa. With permission Baby reveal manenos. #thekabus In a video, the duo can be seen with the Kabu´s couple on a night out that seemed quite splashy: View this post on Instagram Enjoying holiday with @anerlisa #thekabus A post shared by Simon Kabu (@kabusimon) on Apr 23, 2019 at 1:40pm PDT Yes, and Ben Pol being the one behind the video capture. Feedback The news, jetting from the Bonfire Adventures CEO, might not have augured well with the audience especially since, one would expect close family and knit friends to share such news: Aren´t they supposed to reveal this themselves???? Too personal. Anyway congratulations   Why would you break that news before them? Congratulations to them.   Woi….ni more dieting or weight loss plans….you have left your fans hanging.   Anerlisa congratulations   Congratulations 🎊 🎊 and it doesn’t matter who broke the news, the important thing is that we now know   Pongezi to them   Sasa watu WA dieting na App yake mtapata mimba akizaa you proceed tugeza   Congratulations are in order   I read with permission. Meaning the kabus were given a good ahead   Whose baby?   New parents💪👏   Wait to be   What?when?anywhooo🤣congratulations   @anerlisa  I´m sure you wanted to keep it a scret but your friends can´t just shut the f*   Anerlisa congratulations   Wow can’t (insta auntie)   Congrats @anerlisa couple haina kelele all the belessings from insta relatives   Congratulations @anerlisa and @iambenpol 🙏🙏❤️❤️   Congrats   😳   👏👏 The Tanzania-Kenya couple…

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