gfyxk8czoz3ri5b39f4a42eccf 150x150 - Anerlisa Muigai´s Fiancee, Ben Pol out to prove the naysayers wrong?

Kenya´s wealthiest heiress, Anerlisa Muigai had her Easter season spoilt after her fiancee, Ben Pol gifted her a Ksh 100,000+ smart phone. On her Instagram stories, the Nero CEO spilt the beans to the world in a series of photos and videos. Tanzania´s Ben Pol sent over a Samsung Galaxy S10+ to his beauty just as a random gift. She captioned: Anerlisa might have desired to bash off the haters but well, decided to keep her cool and appreciate what´s at hand and the REAL man in her life. She seems super excited and can´t wait to have it in her own hands, even though, her scope of wealth could have bought the entire family their own but well, it´s a gift. The least she could do was take it in and appreciate the kind yet surprising gesture. Background Anerlisa Muigai´s relationship announcement with Ben Pol might have displayed the wrong picture and sent the wrong message to the public. This is after the public´s view of the duo, was that the lady was super rich but Tanzania´s Ben Pol was just in the whole saga to spend her profits. Additionally, Ben Pol´s ex-girlfriend exposed him stating he is just out to bag in as much cash as he can afford, forewarning Anerlisa: I am not even hurt because I see Ben Pol as a Ben 10. I laugh at him because he is enjoying the good life, he is taken to Dubai on holiday because he does not have money. You know he is just around her to carry her purse. This situation remained a gamble for quite a while but seems Ben Pol is out to prove the naysayers wrong. Anerlisa and Ben Pol declared themselves a couple early in the year, which has seen the two reap…

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