What to do when the government of your country has decided to detain you within the compound of your property? That is the question Bobi Wine has found himself having to answer.

The Ugandan artiste is under house arrest after the police arrested him in a rather brutal show of force and all this is because he announced his interest in vying for the presidency of Uganda. So what would a man such as Bobi Wine do? What else? He has decided to go back to his first love, music. He took to his Twitter account and shared an acoustic love song that is clearly about his love for Uganda.

Check it out below:

Life truly is about the simplest pleasures; sitting back with a friend as he strums his guitar and you sing about your motherland.
Every dark cloud has a silver lining I guess. This time, though his freedom of movement has been restrained, he still gets to tuck his children into bed and I am sure his wife is happy to see him safe and sound at the dining table for meals because the last time he was arrested, this was him:

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Kiza Besigye with Bobi Wine

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