Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest stars on the globe. He recently voiced his support for a hashtag that has been trending online.

Ed Sheeran at one of his concerts - Personal reason Ed Sheeran supported #BringKianoHome
Ed at a show

The hashtag is #BringKianoHome. Why would such a star with such clout and appeal help the American couple who started the hashtag?

Because Ed and Jason Koenig who knows the afflicted couple are friends, the videographer having directed a few of Ed’s music videos like ‘Perfect’ and ‘Shape of You’.

Jason Koenig - Personal reason Ed Sheeran supported #BringKianoHome

The two videos have a combined viewing total of 6 billion on popular video streaming site, YouTube. That is not all, the director has an established repertoire of directing credits with other popular stars like Macklemore and French Montana.

Screenshot from 2019 04 24 114543 - Personal reason Ed Sheeran supported #BringKianoHome
Jason Koenig director credits

While sharing a story published by the Star on April 11, Koenig said the three-year-old boy alleged to have been kidnapped by DCI officers belonged to his best friend. He posted on his Twitter page:

My best friend’s child was abducted in Kenya. Friends please share and retweet to help #BringKianoHome. @BBCNews will you look into this? @StateHouseKenya can you help. 

Ed also shared the post by his friend Jason Koenig, who asked Statehouse to help in finding the child allegedly taken by the police.

Ed Sheeran at one of his concerts 1 - Personal reason Ed Sheeran supported #BringKianoHome
Ed Sheeran at a show

The musician shared the appeal on his Instagram and tagged BBC News with the hashtag  #BringKianoHome.

Ed Sheeran Instagram post - Personal reason Ed Sheeran supported #BringKianoHome
The musician’s Instagram story
The saga started on April 5th, after 11 men who are alleged to be DCI officers, took the 3-year-old boy from his guardians Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini, who are American citizens.

Matt is a former senior executive of Starbucks and is now Vice-President of a tech start-up in New York. Daisy is a missionary volunteer who has been in Kenya for three years.

Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini - Personal reason Ed Sheeran supported #BringKianoHome

The Mazzoncinis have now filed a writ of habeas corpus under a certificate of urgency to recover the child.

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