Zari and Diamond 1 150x150 - “I loved Zari but I was not in love with her!” Diamond Platnumz confesses

For the past few days many have been talking about Zari and Diamond Platnumz following a few confessions by the Bongo star. Well, apparently after leaving fans speculating as to why Diamond Platnumz was being unfaithful to Zari; the singer finally opened up saying that his baby mama had been cheating on him with Peter from P-Square and at the same time her personal trainer. Apparently he came across a text on Zari’s phone that confirmed his fear. Later on, he realized that Zari was also getting intimate with her personal trainer in their bed back in Tanzania whenever he was not around. Genuine love? Thanks to this interview Diamond Platnumz also confesses that he loved Zari but not in the same way she loved him. Judging from how he put it, Diamond Platnumz confesses for the first time that he loved Zari but he was never in love with her. View this post on Instagram @diamondplatnumz Ameongezea Pia Mzazi Mwenzake @zarithebosslady alikua na Uhusiano na Mtu Maalum Ambae Alikua Akimfundisha Mazoezi Nyumbani Kwake. . Kwa Urefu zaidi na Interview Nzima Tembelea Youtube Channel Yetu #WasafiMedia . #BLOCK89 #Block89WFM #HiiNiYetuSote #SanaaImezaliwaUpya A post shared by Wasafi TV (@wasafitv) on Apr 23, 2019 at 4:26pm PDT

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