fenamenal  150x150 - Kagwe Mungai hitting on celebrated female rapper, Fena Gitu?

Kenyan pop singer-songwriter, Kagwe Mungai shares cryptic message with renown female rapper, Fena Gitu on her birthday. View this post on Instagram Supercalifragilistic… finish if you know 😆 A post shared by Kagwe Mungai (@kagwemungai) on Apr 4, 2019 at 5:33am PDT The popular heartthrob that still takes off with ladies´ hearts takes us 7 years back when he believes they were separated at birth. According to the Kenyan pop artist, Fena Gitu is a soul that saw his life take a turn, for the better. View this post on Instagram 💦💧@sao_sartorial x @lookslike_avido x @_duki 📷 @justbmg A post shared by Fena Gitu (@fenamenal) on Apr 2, 2019 at 2:26am PDT The phenomenal female rapper´s birthday has Kagwe celebrating the love and joy Fena Gitu exudes to the world around him. But what stands out most is how the young lad can´t wait to take over their space with the popular rapper, just the two of them! View this post on Instagram In 2012 I met a soul that changed my life!! I’m convinced we were separated at birth. Today my soul celebrates her life but today I celebrate the love and joy you bring to the world! @fenamenal I can’t wait to take over EVERYTHING with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS GITU!!!!!!!!!! A post shared by Kagwe Mungai (@kagwemungai) on Apr 25, 2019 at 4:18am PDT In response, fenamenal concurs: Manz like Kagwe!! Soul mate, twin soul, brother and friend. I love you, thank you for choosing me. The world isn’t ready for our take over, here’s to us taking over!! Forever ❤️ Well, none of us might be cognizant with what the dread-locked artist is making reference to, but seems the two have something cooking. The two have however worked on a recent collabo dubbed ¨Dutch¨ featuring Toshi….

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