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Kennedy Tarriq Ombima known by his stage King Kaka is a Kenyan rapper who specializes in Hip hop, song writer,video director,executive producer and an entreprenuer.  King Kaka is the C.E.O of Kaka Empire. He was born on 7th May 1987 .  Initially, King Kaka called himself Kaka sungura(Rabbit) a name he does not use today. His journey in the music industry has not been easy. Family Relationship and Marriage Although he is successful today, his childhood was not that easy. He was raised by a single mum, Elizabeth after his dad passed on. The mum did odd jobs to sustain the family.  Ombima  has 4 kids 2 with his first love, rapper Chemutai Sage and two with Nana Owiti. He is currently married to Nana Owiti. Music Career His is a journey worth watching from the time of Kaka Sungura to King Kaka’s time because for sure he is a king. He recorded and released his first album ” Tales of kakasungura”which featured hit singles ‘Niko kwa jam Nakam’ and ‘Dodoma’ ft Harry Kimani. watch the video below. He has really done well since then and has released a lot of jams and done a lot collabos. East Africa and the world generally has accepted his work.  Recently he released an album Eastlando Royalty which has seeing him make flights outside Africa. He is really doing good in marketing his songs and I believe this is what keeps him standing.  Some of the songs in the Eastlando royalty Album include, Njia, Poison, dudaing’. The latter has really done well and it is played everywhere in this Country. honestly the first time I heard the song “dudaing’” I felt like king Kaka had really lost it but the masses proved me wrong. This was a collabo with Kristoff & Magix Enga….

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