When it comes to money, there is no denying that Joho is at the top of that league.

He has mad money and he isn’t shy about using it to buy himself the finest things in life and that seems to include haircuts.

Actually, I should have started this one off by asking how much you pay for your haircut. My homie Geoffrey gets a haircut at the Westlands stage for 50/- and I prefer to get one that is 250/- a pop.

The most I have ever paid was 500 Kenya shillings and that was a scam!

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The governor looking stylish

I have heard of men who pay 1000/- a haircut and I must admit I aspire to their level of vanity but then here comes Mombasa governor Joho with his 100 dollar cut.

We found this out thanks to a video put out of himself chilling with Joho and he dropped the fact that their haircut cost about as much as some people’s rent!

I have to say, given the miraculous trick his hairline did of recovering lost ground, I have to say I can see why this is money well spent!

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