A funeral service of Former President Moi’s son, Jonathan Moi is ongoing in Kabarak. Later today, Jonathan will be laid to rest at Kabimoi, in Eldama Ravine


Jonathan and his wife Silvia were blessed with four kids, who have shared their memories of their dad.

Wayne Kiprop Moi described his dad as a person that was full of energy.

My father was a good man full of ambition, full of love  and affectionate, his memory and energy will leave on forever through us and we know he shall rest in eternal peace, his legacy lives on through us

Jonathan’s other son described his love for his dad;

As we look back over time, I wonder did we remember to thank you enough for all you have done for us, for all the times you were by our side….We wonder if we ever thanked you for the sacrifices you made, to let us have the very best and for the simple things like laughter, smiles and the times we shared. If we forgot to show you our gratitude for the things you did, we are thanking you now and we are hoping you knew all along how much you meant to us, i love you dad.

unnamed 11 - ‘The day you took me to the alter…’ Jonathan Moi’s wife and kids mourn
Jonathan Moi’s wife and son

Jonathan’s wife Silvia Moi, took people down memory lane when she fell in love with the son of the then president.

To my husband Jonathan, Our World will never be the same. J.T you have been the propelling force to our foreword match of life. You slipped away so fast and so sudden questions are more than the answers we can find.

My dear JT i celebrate you as the best dad to our four children. you received them into the world as i lay helplessly in the theatre table…The day you took me to the alter was a dream come true, like a Cinderella story, you swept me away and carried me from my humble background and thrust me into your high fist family.

Rest my dear husband, until we meet again, your loving wife, Sylvia

unnamed2 - ‘The day you took me to the alter…’ Jonathan Moi’s wife and kids mourn
Jonathan Moi’s funeral

Kifo hakina huruma! Former president Moi’s son Jonathan passes away

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