Pastor Robert Burale has revealed that he at first didn’t want to be a pastor. The Man Of God says his job is like a thankless calling that exposes them to the good and the bad.

So, what happens to a broke pastor? He pours his heart out to Betty Kyallo

I didn’t want to be a pastor, I was running away from that calling completely. It is a calling it’s not a career. It’s a thankless job, where when you are broke your pastor is your best friend, when you make it, you start gossiping your pastor.

Adding that:

When your pastor is broke you say God left him, when he becomes rich you say he left God.

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Although he has been through a divorce, the father of one, who is a relationship expert in an a past interview shared a few tips about dating.

Number one rule, no s3x before marriage. ladies, the moment you allow a man to sleep with you, your value goes from a hundred to zero in one night. Let him enjoy the benefits on your wedding night

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‘I want to die empty’, Pastor Robert Burale explains his life’s goal

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