NYASH 1 150x150 - Nyashinski walks us down the road of his music journey since his heydays

The popular ¨Free¨ hitmaker desired to be a doctor as a youngster but his teenage brain got a little preoccupied with music that saw him quit school for Kleptomaniax. Nyashinski would scribble lyrics on little pieces of paper as well as listen to as much American music as possible, even dared to grow his hair. The rapper´s ancestry all traces way back, one that saw him and friends, Munkiri and Collo, form Kleptomaniax group. This came at a time when they world perform during Nairobi School hype and to him: …especially so when the girls would scream out at us after performing for Insyder. That was good enough. The passion was everything. Way to fame As a teenager, he did rub shoulders with the dad who would not approve his decision to drop school for some funny music: Dad didn’t approve, thought it was a waste of time. But over time, he has become a great fan of my work. So much so that he brought me a musical instrument that I will soon learn to play. Watch this space. Nyamari Ongegu got admitted to KU to study Environmental Planning and Management where he hoped to join UNEP. He however dropped out in the 3rd year since Kleptomaniax had already risen to fame and was the talk of the town. We had started getting paid some good money [KSh 30,000 a gig for the singing group of three] and I was ready to see where music would take me. US relocation Unfortunately, just as his teenage music career had become promising, the family had to relocate to USA, though still excited: It was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Growing up with that attention from my music may have stunted me somewhat. I was happy to…

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