akotheeinkisumu 2 150x150 - Akothee gets unexpected wake up call: “My burial will be all sold out than my shows”

Akothee was recently on social media to share a side Kenyans have been yearning to see ever since they heard that she has been born again. In long post, Akothee confessed that her life is nothing without God and most of the things she has now will be reduced to nothing as soon as she passes away. “Today they call me All names AKOTHEE, MADAMBOSS, SIBUORMADHAKO When God will take away his breath , my names will change drastically to BODY ,MAITI , CASCET , MWILI My burial will be all sold out than my shows, not for any reasons but because no one will compete with a dead body, no need for road show or hype.” she said.  Constant in life The singer shared that God is always constant in her life because all other things come and go. “The number of people visiting me when I am in hospital or in need can’t be compared to the number of those who wants to be with me when all looks sugar , after doing all rubbish in my life, I sat down in a corner , looked at life from a distance then the word “YOTE NI VANITY” made some sense,” Adding: “The only person that never changes is MY LIVING GOD , HE WAS THERE when I had nothing , he has been there when those things were coming , He is still here as U live my drwams ,WHO CAN QUESTION GOD ? When I was nvked ,He dressed me, when I was down in the mud He picked me, when I was sick He healed me, when I was hungry He fed me, when I was hopeless He gave me hope , when I hit the walls, He made a crack and I saw another root.”   

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