MJOk9kpTURBXy82Yzc4YTY1YWExYWFhNjkwY2UxNDA5MTMwNTdiZmM0My5qcGeSlQMAS80EOM0CYJMFzQMUzQG8gaEwAQ 150x150 - Baby on the way? Diana Marua´s photos leaves eyebrows raised hinting on a second child

Diana Marua´s outfit while in Dubai raises eyebrows after she seemingly looks pregnant with fans questioning if the Dubai trip was actually a baby moon trip. She posts and tags while at a hotel in Dubai: View this post on Instagram DUBAI YOU ARE A STUNNER… A BEAUTY TO DIE FOR!!! @BonfireAdventures the views, the hotel, the malls, the ambience, the food…. everything is amazing! Thank you for ensuring we get the best 😍👌 A post shared by Signora Bahati ♥️ (@diana_marua) on Apr 30, 2019 at 10:44am PDT Fans however react: ❤️   Pregnant   @gracey_kimaniI also noticed coz she was having a very flat tummy and now her stomach is bulging…, congrats to her if she is really pregnant❤️   @linahgikaruwe can bet.. this must be a baby moon trip   @eve.wambui I guess so too😊   🤰 My thoughts @irunguchristineMe too😃 @irunguchristine story ya Italy itaishia Instagram 🤣🤣 Congratulations 🤰🤰🤰🤰 😀😀😀😀 Second born pap. Congrats Macho yangu iko na shida or am seeing the right thing? 😊 Anyway you’re hot @sherrykigo you’re not seeing wrong 😂😂 In another of her posts, she appreciates the privilege of having come so far in life and is sincerely grateful to the Almighty for his unending graces: View this post on Instagram Sometimes I look back at my life and tell God, thank you for the valleys, the deserts, the wilderness, the dark shadows, the pain… because all this has made me master the art of being grateful, thankful and appreciative of what my life has turned out to be. Don't be afraid of the place you are right now if it's not working out for you, be thankful because soon it will become a testimony. Appreciate all seasons of your life because everyday is a gift, another chance to make it count. Never…

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