54800599 272928586991175 7989490707955974144 n 150x150 - Tanasha Donna reveals why she picked on Barak in her ¨Radio¨ jam as she features on today´s 10 over 10 show

Diamond Platinumz Kenyan lover, Tanasha Donna has seen her new jam ¨Radio¨ hit the airwaves effortlessly and reveals she chose Barak Jacuzzi because of his passion and consistency. Why Barak In an exclusive interview, the model shares that Barak is her best friend and he first came to mind regarding her jam. Tanasha reveals: He is a passionate and consistent artiste. Barak Jacuzzi is her radio co-host. Tanasha Donna has graced the music scenes now and then but her new jam, ¨Radio¨ has been a blessing. It hit way over 7.5K views, just hours after its release. 10 over 10 Tanasha Donna´s major comeback and overwhelming reception of her ¨Radio¨ hit will see her grace our screens on Citizen TV´s 10 over 10 show, today. She shares the news on her Instagram page which she captions: View this post on Instagram The Don herself🔥🔥 catch her tomorrow with her new single ‘Radio’ only on #10over10 🔥🔥 A post shared by 10/10 Fanpage (@1010fanpage) on May 2, 2019 at 7:42am PDT She is set to perform her new hit then later on take an interview. ¨Radio´s¨ background ¨Radio¨ hit was born someday when the two artistes were just passing time indoors listening to some beats. This is before they picked on it and never looked back. The song´s write-up was done in 30 minutes, though Tanasha reveals it wasn´t a smooth ride for them. However, the song´s draft was a mess and the 2 had to toil hard if they were to see the audience give them a standing ovation. The entire hullabaloo might have resulted into the song´s release date moved from the 26th to the 29th of April 2019. Additionally, Diamond Platinumz has previously revealed that he is the one behind the postponement by his lover, Tanasha.   To…

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