Anita 150x150 - Why Anita Nderu has resigned at Capital FM

Capital FM radio host Anita Nderu has quit her job at the station. The top presenter shared it was a long time coming after she drafted her resignation letter months ago. “I drafted my resignation letter in February but every day, I was like I’m sending this today, then I would tell myself, today is not a good day because am supposed to record something,” Anita said during Kasha event at Emory Hotel. Done on good terms The 29-year-old said that she had been trying to quit for a long time but finally did while on a flight. She said leaving the station was doe on good terms because she feels like she has mastered the job and needs new challenges. “I [held back] for a while, until one day when I was in a plane where I felt like this is the right time because, by the time I am landing, I will just delete the email or undo,” she said. “It is not that I did not love the organisation or I did not want to be there anymore, but I think I have given my best and I want new challenges.”

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