Kenyans are not happy. They are demanding justice for Kalenjin singer Diana Chelele, who was allegedly killed by her estranged husband Eric Musila.

Eric Musila, an Administration Police officer was accused of killing Chelele on January 7, 2016, at Kapkwen in Bomet County.

Chelele 1 - ‘Diana Chelele will torment you,’ Kenyans angered murder suspect freed

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The vernacular artite’s family and fans had hopes that justice would be served but on Friday 3, 2019, Musila was acquitted of killing her.

Kenyans were caught by surprise after Diana Chelele’s estranged husband was freed. A post on a page dubbed RIP Diana Chelele ran by her fans shared an emotional post after the court’s decision. It read;

There is no justice in this world,the murderer of our musician has earned himself freedom for lack of concrete evidence.

Other comments from Kenyans include;

Kenya Trends with killing his ex-wife and musician Diana Chelele for lack of evidence and poor investigations.

Wilon Wil Our judicial systems are rotten, justice is always a dream in Kenya.God is the best judge and surely he’ll bring justice for Chelele. Rip queen

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Emmanuel Kiprono Still remembered Chelele RIP

Benerick Nzioki Ndulu Diana will torment you forever. You will have no peace.

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 Gilbert Kipyator Langat When someone still eggs analala ndani,but the murderers are being released,where is our country heading am very confused.

Albert Kiptoo the blood of chelele will haunt him forever he will never have peace

M Kitur Arap DPP Noordin Hajji should move fast and recall that charge sheet/File and handle himself.

Sheddie Sheddie God’s is the judge

Walter Lelei Next itakua Ivy murderer has been released due to lack of sufficient evidence..

Gilbert Mmoja We blame the state for transferring the case from Kericho to Nakuru high court it was a coverup in the context that it was impossible for witnesses to go to Nakuru for the case unlike if it was in Kericho

Gitiye M’Akwalu Morris  Very sad! The family should appeal ASAP

Wilfred Onsongo In capital offences the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime. The threshold for such cases is so high

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Ann Njenga In your heart of hearts you know whether you killed Diana or not. If you didn’t that’s okay but if you did kill her don’t celebrate yet because Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

Kiprotich Langat No justice in our Nation.

Vancy Korir God is watching!

Abas Njuguna 2 bodies are now in the graves under this guy’s tag….a surveyor and a musician

Kipro Domnique Cyco God is the best judge.RIP our Kalenjin daughter

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Yegon Kimutai It’s so unfortunate that the so-called court where we expect justice we get injustice

Flowrider Chep Jeff Even that guy who killed Ivy will be acquitted… lets wait and see

Philip Ruttosh My worry is on the remaining two kids!who will protect them?

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Otieno Matoro Your judgment awaits you in heaven… You will never get away with this… RIP DIANA

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