Media personality TerryAnne Chebet has called upon the DCI and KFCB to take down a song that promotes the killing of women.

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A music group identifies as Sheddy Empire released a song titled Pigwa Shoka a week ago, which many have termed it as disrespectful not only to the late Ivy Wangeci but also to her parents and women at large.

Shoka is a Swahili word for an axe.

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The wound of losing their daughter Ivy Wangeci is still fresh. The family is still mourning her hoping justice will be done.

Ivy Wangeci was hacked to death by Naftali Kinuthia using an axe last month. She was a sixth-year student at Moi University pursuing medicine.

Well, taking to Twitter, TerryAnne tweeted;

Dear @DCI_Kenya @EzekielMutua there’s a music video doing rounds called ‘pigwa shoka’ that’s enacting Ivy’s killing and basically asking young men to kill slay queens. It’s horrific to say the least. I hope you can act on it with speed. Urging whoever has seen it not to share.

The mother of two added;

We are losing our young people. It’s a national crisis that needs to be addressed by all of us. It may sound like a blanket statement but every single young Kenyan is worth saving from this nonsensical things.

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Kenyans have joined TerryAnne Chebet in advocating for the song to be pulled down. They are not happy with the song because it promotes violence. Check out the reactions:

Obed Orora @TerryanneChebet Not only pulling it down from the media but just uprooting it completely by shutting down such studios and jailing such producers without trial. We are loosing a nation. Collect each and every one on the clip and assign them hard labor like sweeping the entire Thika road 1f47a - “It’s horrific!” Terryanne Chebet begs authority to ban “Pigwa Shoka”

Ezekiel Mutua @Terryanne Chebet Raised it with YouTube. It will be taken down

Juliet Ng’Ang’A Ya’all need to grow up…. This is whack content 🤐

Karen Tanui In other words, the entire music industry is rotting in Kenya,,,all those dirty songs should be revisited and wiped out.

Clifford Derrick This content is highly offensive. It lacks basic common decency, respect for self and sanctity of life. Should be classified as promoting acts of terrorism.

Anita Soina Apparently we are losing it! How the young people are singing some songs with wicked and content. Content that encourages immorality and other vices1f646 - “It’s horrific!” Terryanne Chebet begs authority to ban “Pigwa Shoka”1f646 - “It’s horrific!” Terryanne Chebet begs authority to ban “Pigwa Shoka”1f646 - “It’s horrific!” Terryanne Chebet begs authority to ban “Pigwa Shoka”. Disturbing

George Kisundi Producers and studios which churn out those kinds of music should be blacklisted…. Smh

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Vanessa Manza This is abhorrent …have you no shame? Ivy’s family is still grieving have some decency ..

Stephen Nyabwa Appalling tasteless and quite disturbing. Like honestly where is the entertainment value in such 🤷‍♀️ #Disgusted

She Blessed This is sick!Its wrong to exalt murder and femicide!

Rama Ken No , this is sick. It is a dislike for me. You guys have real talent but it would be better for you to direct this energy with something good. I hope you learnt your lesson. The imagery and the Chorus ruined everything. Hope this has been a lesson to you guys.

Shadrack Makokha you could have use your talent elsewhere but Not in Shoka.

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