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Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli who is also a wife and mother of two handsome boys celebrated her 35th birthday this weekend; however it was not like the usual parties we are used to. The news anchor shared a number of photos on her social media pages flaunting how her party went down. Judging from the pictures seems that this was a girls affair as no men are seen anywhere on the photos. Since Lilian Muli is a private person, seems that this was an invites only party; as she decided to fly her close friends to Mombasa to celebrate her 35th year on earth. Aging like fine wine Judging from the all white, all black outfits and bikini photos we can agree that Lilian Muli is undeniably aging the right way. Muli still appears younger than her age and if I am not wrong, this is because she has been living a comfortable life. Also, unlike most mums Lilian Muli has managed to shed off her baby weight in just a few months after welcoming her second child. Check out the photos from the lit birthday party below.

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