Piga shoka 150x150 - Kenyans disturbed by ¨Pigwa Shoka¨ new youth jam that glorifies violence against women

Soon after the Labour Day celebrations, Friday, the 3rd of May 2019, witnessed the release of youth jam dubbed ¨Pigwa Shoka¨ that has ignited public uproar. Multiples have come out petitioning both media regulatory body, KFCB and You Tube to make a prompt move and ban the irritating youth jams. Content The ¨Pigwa Shoka¨ jam displays youths in ¨blood-stained¨ attires holding axes and machetes and knives covered in blood. The group of youths is seemingly glorifying violence against women. The singer apparently seeks aid from his cronies to deal with his girlfriend who he says ¨ashamtoka¨. However, just yesterday, the 5th of March, KFCB chief whip, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua confirms: Terrible. We are on it. Thank you for heads up. The Law The media ethics´ trailblazer articulates he has shared the matter with the DCI. They are to search for and arrest on sight, the artists and producers behind the deteriorating content. He further cites that the song´s producer is one ¨Sheddy Empire¨. Dr E Mutua shares: 4/7 We are following up to ensure that there is heightened surveillance on this kind of content. We have also alerted @DCI_Kenya to find the creators and producers of such content and ensure that they face the law. @InfoKfcb — Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, MBS (@EzekielMutua) May 5, 2019 Furthermore, he states that Google has been informed, to be able to narrow down on their You Tube office in Kenya. The slow process however results from: We are saddened by the delay. Global platforms take long on such decisions as the global community policy standards differ from one jurisdiction to another. KFCB Boss, states that the producers merely out to take advantage of controversy to try and sell their music. He however urges patience and calm among Kenyans to allow them do their job….

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