Phenny Awiti, a Kenyan mother living with HIV/AIDs has shocked many after she narrated how men used to flood her inbox asking for dates.

The mother of two, says after she publicly announced that she was HIV positive in May 2017, the men stopped chatting with her.

And on the 5th of May 2017, after going through my inbox on Facebook, I thought to myself “I am tired of telling these men one by one in the inbox that I am HIV Positive, let me address them all on my wall!”
As soon as I came out publicly, all the coffee dates disappeared, some blocked me, some called me sister in Christ! 

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The bold mother who has been using social media to create awareness about the disease went ahead to explain;

I knew I had a long way to go in stamping out Stigma and Discrimination from that day.  Happy two years Phenny Awiti, finally normalizing HIV positively. Still, I am proud that I am raising HIV Negative Babies, so satisfying! 

On Saturday, she was part of the invited guests who gave a talk at Akothee’s maternal health open day RFH Healthcare in Ruai. She said;

Sharing my story yesterday at RFH Healthcare gave me more contentment! 

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Phenny is among the HIV positive patients who don’t believe in spreading the virus to innocent people.

Reactions from her followers include;

George Barasa Give them ten years they will be coming to you for tips on how to take arvs trust me. You will remind me when that time comes

Alaska Girlie Betty You’re real with a heart of gold, your morals can’t be compromised with a cup of coffee, it’s for their good that you came out, a beautiful lady like you and positive it hurts them, but the truth remains they’ll will never appreciate. I just imagine if you were otherwise they would perish for lack of knowledge, am not taking you for granted.

Otieno Ngoye I remember when you said you had something to tell to your friends on Facebook (us), I waited and even when you came out, it was bold. So the men who ran away typically needed sex.
I think it is one of the boldest steps you took.
Wanaume nao upenda tu kuuma na kuepa 🤣🤣🤣(I’m one of the men)

Akoth Oduol You are truly the strongest African Queen are an encouragement to many.

Awuor Nyocholla Keep going my girl, preach until everyone gets converted

Jacob Mawang Strongest African Queen, we’ll give you a coffee date soon

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