Jacqueline Wolper is seemingly not happy that her bongo ex-boyfriend Harmonize is planning to get married.

Wolper and Harmonize, dated sometime back in 2016 and seemed to be head over heels for each other judging from the posts on their respective social media pages.

However, a year into the relationship, Wolper accused Harmonize of cheating on her with an Italian babe by the name Sarah Michelotti and ended the relationship.

harmonize - ”Harmonize marrying Sarah will break my heart” Jacqueline Wolper

In a twist of events, Harmonize ended up courting the said Sarah and even proposed to her a few months ago in front of her family and friends.

In a recent interview, Jacqueline Wolper confessed if Harmonize got married she’d have a heartache.

“Sijazipata habari za Harmonize kumvalisha pete ya uchumba Sara ila ikifanyika ndoa huenda nikapata presha, itategemea ndoa hiyo itafungwa vipi na yatafanyika mambo gani kama ni ya kuniumiza au ya kawaida kawaida,”

 wolper 3 - ”Harmonize marrying Sarah will break my heart” Jacqueline Wolper

Story by Teresiah Muhoro

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