Alvin Kabogo lives life to the fullest, what with the fabulous wealth and living standards that his father, William Kabogo has afforded him.

alvin kabogo and kabogo snr - Sikuulizia nudes! Alvin Kabogo warns women about conmen
Alvin and his dad

While not globetrotting, the son of the former Kiambu County governor shares a lot of anecdotes about his life on his Instagram page.

He recently shared a tale on his Instastories about how some men might be using his influential name to solicit nudes from young women.

Kabogo Junior on phone - Sikuulizia nudes! Alvin Kabogo warns women about conmen

Alvin had received some information on his DM’s from a concerned fan who said that her friend had supposedly sent him a nude video. The friend thought that she was speaking to Alvin. The message read:

Hi, Alvin as I had told you, there is a person by your name and picture on Facebook and after a misunderstanding between me and him, he told me to connect him with my friend of which I did. Yesterday he asked for her nude video which she sent and they even planned to meet at Ridge mall Muthaiga.

Alvin kabogo - Sikuulizia nudes! Alvin Kabogo warns women about conmen
Alvin enjoying himself

He wrote back warning his followers that there were a lot of fake profiles online and that he wasn’t the person who had asked for nudes, saying:

Please be aware of fake social media accounts using my name and photos.

This is not the first case of a celebs name being used by unscrupulous people to fleece the public. Just last week, musician turned politician, Jaguar had such an incident.

Akothee speaking about sleeping with Jaguar at Bahatis EMB Rebirth event. photo credit Jaguar2 - Sikuulizia nudes! Alvin Kabogo warns women about conmen

The Starehe Member of Parliament warned his followers of a fake betting app that was using his name to dupe Kenyans.

Through a Facebook post, the legislator notified the nation of the fake information that was being shared on social media.

Kenyans don’t get duped. It would be so sad to lose your money to unscrupulous people.

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