J4mk9kpTURBXy8xODJkM2NkNGJkNWIxZmVlNmNhYjEzYzM3ZDI4MzFjZS5wbmeSlQMAAc0ChM0BapMFzQMUzQG8gaEwAQ 150x150 - Diana Marua reveals she once worked as an Mpesa Agent to make ends meet

It was Throwback Thursday and Diana Marua makes a shocking revelation of once being an Mpesa agent. In a brief yet revealing video clip shared on her Insta story, the expectant wife to Bahati shares: I used to work at this pharmacy before it was renamed goodlife… As an mpesa agent…my first job. This far, I call him Ebenezer 🙏 However, she attests it all to the God Almighty for having brought her this far: Use what you have as a stepping stone to your next level… It takes time but grow Diana shares a piece of advice sighting that one day you will break barriers, but it needs patience and trust. Recently The reality TV Star recently featured on the cover of ´True Love´ magazine as she shared struggles of her past life that took all sorts of corners. View this post on Instagram "Out of the abundance of the Heart, the mouth Speaks." Of all the people in the planet, you talk to yourself most of the time. Make sure you're always speaking life to your soul… Life and Death are in the Power of your tongue. Speak Life and watch your life Transform ❤ A post shared by Signora Bahati ♥️ (@diana_marua) on May 9, 2019 at 1:59am PDT She however remains thankful to her late mother for bringing her to this world as she proudly expresses she is glad to mother son, Morgan and daughter, Heaven. View this post on Instagram My God given responsibility is to make sure that before anything else, they find a comfortable place in my heart to call home. They come first before my needs and nothing is more rewarding to be told "I appreciate you" by my hubby @bahatikenya and being given the warmest hugs and kisses by my baby…

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