Tanasha Donna has been rumuored to be pregnant. In fact reports have it that she is four months pregnant with Diamond Platnumz’s child.

Well, in an interview with Wasafi FM on Friday night, the model cum singer was asked about it. She said;

There are words on the street every day. 

When asked about her cravings for chicken, she didn’t confirm nor deny the rumours.

I love eating you can say I love food. I’ve been gaining weight I love my food.

Asked whether she and Diamond are expecting the child, Tanasha shied away by saying,

All I’m gonna say is that everyday kuna rumours on the street so don’t believe everything you are hearing.

After the interviewer insisted that the Kenyan model should just clear the air for her fans, Tanasha said

Let’s talk about music. Can we move on from this subject please! Thank You.

Asked whether she is afraid of talking about the issue, Tanasha said,

siogopi chochote.

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When these rumours went viral, we spoke to Tanasha in an exclusive interview on whatsapp where at the time she said that she wasn’t expectant.

To clear that rumour once and for all, I tested and I’m not. My body is adjusting to all this travelling and climate change moving from Dar es Salaam which is warm to the cold Nairobi nights

Tanasha Donna and Diamond in each others arms - Mtoto tunaye? Tanasha talks pregnancy and cravings for chicken
The couple holding each other

‘Things happened quick’ Tanasha reveals how Diamond seduced her

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