Diamond Platnumz’ Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna has come out to set the record straight on her relationship with Ali Kiba and Wizkid.

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The Kenyan beauty featured in Diamond’s music rival’s music video. Tanasha was the love interest in  Ali Kiba’s Nagaramia video.

In a recent interview, she clarified that she has never had any romantic relationship with the star.

When we did that video we never had a thing. We never even exchanged numbers it was very professional.

She added;

We never had a thing, matter of fact, back then I was in a relationship and my ex was at the video shoot the entire time tulikuwa tunashoot hio video.

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Tanasha was rumored to have had a thing with Wizkid and during the interview, she said,

Diamond has ever asked me about Wizkid and he knows the situation. We were just friends. We never dated. let me make things clear.

The sexy lass also dated Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma.

Tanasha is keen on marrying Diamond Platnumz despite their different religions.

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When asked if she would convert to Islam and what name she would prefer, she said,

I feel like I respect all my Muslim brothers and sisters. we all serve one God and should respect each other’s religions regardless. I feel that if he met me the way I am and I met him the way he is, who am I to change him into something that he wasn’t.

The couple was to wed on February 12th this year but it didn’t happen. Speaking about why it didn’t happen, she said;

For now, we’re focusing about on our relationship.

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