jalango e1516279864402 696x350 150x150 - Jalang’o’s bitter reply at Joe Muchuri after he told him Huduma number is a scam 

Have you registered for Huduma number? Well, today being the second last day, Kenyans are ready to die queuing for the number. Comedian Jalang’o has been campaigning for this since day one and is happy to see Kenyans are finally turning up to register. Why register The registration period for Huduma Namba ends on May 18. Jalang’o was forced to call out Joe Muchiri who expressed his doubts saying the number doesn’t make sense. This is what Muchiri said: “The part 30 million people influenced by their parents, Jalangoo & Nonini didn’t read 😅😅 I CONFIRM THAT THE INFORMATION INCLUDING BIOMETRICS PROVIDED BY ME IS TRUE, CORRECT AND ACCURATE. I AM AWARE THAT MY INFORMATION INCLUDING BIOMETRICS WILL BE USED FOR GENERATION OF A HUDUMA NUMBA WHICH IS A UNIQUE PERSONAL IDENTIFIER ACROSS THE GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS. I UNDERSTAND THAT MY INFORMATION MAY BE PROVIDED TO AN AUTHORISED GOVERNMENT AGENCY/AGENCIES. “The idea that a Jubilee government that has not provided basic services for Kenyans for the last 6 years is crazy & lying that now it will provide services after U get a new huduma number is a blad fuckin joke. It is sad people have been duped to do it in millions. The big question is who benefits from this project 🤔 from data collection, to kits supply, to data maintenance etc LOL I mean the whole thing tender for Huduma cards. As a Kenyan U already have a unique identity in many forms from ur birth certificate to ur driving license to ur ID to ur passport to ur KRA pin unique to U so why would U need another one. 😁😁 what can a Huduma number do that ur ID can’t 👀anyway ur data can be used by anyone now & the government has a disclaimer Expect news scams in 2019 where someone can…

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