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Rajab Abdul is famously know as Harmonize.He was born on 3rd October 1991, in Mtwara, Tanzania. When he started off , he had moved to Dar es  Salaam  in 2009 on completion of his high school studies at Mkundi  Secondary School in Mtwara. Just like any other young person  in  pursuit for livelihood, he started working as a hawker at Kariakoo selling small products and tea to other businessman, prior to starting music. His music career started back in 2011, but did not pick up as the music was below per.After a struggling for 4years  trying to get a platform for his music, he got the chance to meet WCB boss Diamond Platinumz. He was signed by WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby) Wasafi Record Label. That was his life changing moment that struck after the  release of his first song ‘Aiyola” that became a hit in 2015. Ayiola is a song that depicts the life of a young man that tries to impress his woman but is unappreciated. The song topped the chats and that was the beginning of the now successful career of Harmonize. Relation with his boss.. The two -Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize- became  inseparable. Diamond Platnumz relocated him to South Africa where he at times lived with Zari. Further Harmonize on his own, got a permanent tattoo of Diamond Platnumz on his hand.Reason? He said, that the tattoo could not be compared to what Diamond Platnumz has done for him. All he has became and owns is all because of Diamond’s help. For that  he got a permanent tattoo of Diamond Platnumz to remind him of his kindness. Awards He was nominated at the AFRIMMA AWARDs, WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards  and African Entertainment awards,in 2016  and he won all the three in one year. Love life……

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