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Pastor Evans Kariuki of Eternal Life Harvest Centre is currently changing lives in the United States thanks to his church ministry. Unlike most young men who would prefer to venture into other well paying careers: Evans Kariuki, a firebrand is using his heavenly gift of preaching to spread the word of the Lord around. His Firebrand ministry has created a platform for his to reach out to both the young and old. Apart from running his ministry in the United States, pastor Kariuki has also been moving to different countries where he uses his ministry to reach out to many. Youthful pastor Judging from his social media pages, it is clear to that he also has a huge online following that admires his work. Being young has also made it easy for him to relate with the youth in his church.  Anyway, apart from running this successful ministry pastor Kariuki also happens to be a an award-winning author and world traveler who enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures! View this post on Instagram STATE OF THE NATION This is the time for us to wake up as a people and realize the solution for our country will come from us as a people to come together and return back to God. We’re stronger together. All for one and one for all #stateofthenation #kenya #unity #firebrandnation A post shared by Evans Kariuki (@firebrandnation) on Jan 31, 2019 at 10:20pm PST You can easily reach out to the pastor through; Instagram: Evans Kariuki Facebook: Evans Kariuki Twitter: Firebrandnation Youtube: Firebrandnation

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