Evans Kariuki 150x150 - US based Kenyan evangelist Evans Kariuki decries sorry state of Kenyan gospel music

US based Kenyan pastor Evans Kariuki has decried the current state of gospel music in Kenya following the questionable conduct of key faces in industry. Kariuki who has global influence has criticized local gospel singers who he accuses of misleading a generation that they should be inspiring. “There will be a price to pay if you think you can play God, you cannot walk on two paths without breaking your legs, similarly, you cannot serve two masters,” Kariuki wrote on Facebook. “You will pay heavily because God has given you authority to lead his people and instead, you are using it to mislead them” His sentiments come weeks after a discussion on the Kenyan interwebs on the conduct of Kenyan singers who purport to be born again. DK and Hope Kid And it all began earlier in the year when two artistes, DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid were caught in a sex scandal in which they are alleged to have infected a teen girl with herpes. The two later went public and apologized to their fans saying that they were human and therefore fallible. Close at their wake was Willy Paul who has been making news for all the wrong reasons. Last week, the singer who has been on a roll of hitching rides with secular singers with whom he releases banger was spotted grinding on a woman at the Wakanda Lounge in Westlands. And as if it was not enough, singer Bahati whose record label EMB records appears to have fallen apart is said to have refused to pay Mr Seed his dues after they fell out last year. He also called police officers on Mr Seed’s wife during an end of the year concert at the Thika Stadium.

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