Beauty is serious business. And most women don’t take it lightly at all.

They will do anything to achieve a glowing skin, snatched waist, big bum bums or a lighter skin tone.

Here are some of the unorthodox home remedies that are practiced in order to achieve high beauty standards.

Baby poop

Some women swear by this remedy. They smear baby poop on their faces to remove impurities and achieve glowing skin.


This is not just a spice used for cooking, it is also used to scrub the skin.

Male sperm

This reproductive asset is used to achieve smooth supple skin.

Top celebrities who have embraced their perfect imperfections

Cow dung

This excrement  is smeared on the face and used like a face mask to remove impurities in the face.

Carrot grated

This helps with enhancing the skin hue.

egggs - Baby poop to gold powder, bizarre beauty concoctions women useRaw egg york – must be fertilized by a jogoo

It is mixed with other ingredients to be applied on the skin.

Gold powder

This is expensive and it is used as make up, like a highlighter to achieve those sharp cheekbones.

Refrigerated Colgate

It is used to remove blackheads on the face and pimples.

Your own pee that you expel first thing in the morning

It can be drunk to expel toxins from your body.

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