moh 150x150 - We did a church wedding, not come we stay – DJ Mo defends himself

Gospel DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 have been in the headlines for years now as blogs and papers continue reporting about their life. All the same, the two recently revealed that Kenyans don’t know them as much as they think they do just because they keep reading about them. The gospel DJ had to defend his marriage saying that it’s not a come we stay but he married Size 8 in a proper church wedding. DJ Mo even said he has photos to prove the two had a happy, fruitful church ceremony but he will share the snaps when he is ready. “Like I said, people purport to know us but they do not. They just know 5% of the Murayas,” he said.  Pictures The two have shown almost everything about their life other than the wedding. Fans insisted they are lying because by now they would have at least celebrated an anniversary already. Mo however, insisted that he has even pictures to prove the wedding happened. “I can assure you we got married in a church wedding and someday we will release the photos,” he added. 

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