Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has moved out of the house Diamond ‘gifted’ her.

Last year, Diamond’s mother bumped into Hamisa – as she was leaving the son’s house early in the morning – and they had a very public tiff.

Mama Diamond’s beef with Hamisa was that at the time, Diamond was still married to Zari.

She found it very disrespectful of Hamisa to send the night at the house knowing that Diamond is a married man.

Thanks to that very embarrassing throw-down between his mother and side chic, Diamond decided to get a place for Hamisa.

The singer shared videos showing off a house, claiming that he had bought it for Hamisa and their son Dylan.

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Hamisa shared a video of her son playing with toys in their house and Diamond Platnumz commented;


Hamisa was quick to respond and she said,


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But later, the two fell out and Hamisa even blocked the singer from their son’s Instagram.

It has turned out that Diamond had rented the house for Hamisa and not bought it as he claimed. Meaning, he only paid rent for a few months.

Screenshot from 2018 06 13 08 49 55 - Zari mocks Hamisa after she moved out of Diamond’s ‘house’

Hamisa has been struggling to pay rent on her own necessitating for her, together with her two children and mother, to moved out.

The house is now vacant and the landlord is looking for a new tenant who will folk out Ksh 44,000 per month. The advertisement was posted online.

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Well, Zari has mocked Hamisa after moving out of the house and she didn’t mince her words. She wrote;

P**y ain’t good after all huh!

zari 3 - Zari mocks Hamisa after she moved out of Diamond’s ‘house’

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Hamisa was the main reason Zari and Diamond broke up and the mother of five is currently dating a wealthy South African man.
Recently, she shared a video showing off her new man’s plush home and it’s not clear whether she’s going to move out of the singer’s palatial home in Pretoria or not.

Hamisa, on the other hand, is said to have unblocked Diamond on their son’s Instagram account so that he can provide child support.

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