Kenyan gay George Barasa popularly known as Joji Baro has paid tribute to late author Binyavanga.

Binyavanga passed away on Tuesday night after he suffered a stroke.

Binyavanga Wainaina809 - ‘It’s hard news to handle,’ Kenyan gay Joji Baro mourns Binyavanga

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Joji Baro told

I’m saddened by the news about Binyavanga’s death. It’s too much to handle. Last time I spoke to him was a couple of months ago, because lately he wasn’t speaking to anyone.

He was to write me a book about my life, but now everything is gone. It’s really a heart breaking moment. It came when we were just expecting a court ruling on 24th and today we get the saddest news. I mean we can’t have both this news at the same time. What if tomorrow the ruling is negative? That would be a double tragedy for us.

He adds,

His death was imminent because of the neglect and abuse he has been facing from the community and in the last few years he lived a hard life and at the same time he lived as who he wanted to be, so he was able to fulfill that wish except for getting married. I hope his death is going to create awareness of the gay rights in Kenya and also to create awareness around HIV/AIDs and how it’s affecting the gay people, particularly in Kenya,’ Baro said while sobbing

Baro, who’s also HIV positive and currently living in South Africa applauds the late for standing for his rights and embracing Africanism.

This is a chance to appreciate his life and challenges he faced and not just to look at the successes he made and we look at it in African context that he lived like an African man. He went by African names Wainaina. He removed his Christian name. He lived like a true African gay man.

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Joji also posted a moving tribute to Binyavanga, which read;

Binyavanga Wainaina. You have left this world rich of your literature and oh your collections of recipes. Who is going to write my book? You promised to have my autobiography published. You have left me with a debt. You owed me. May your soul find peace in a restful place. Go well my elder. It is the ancestor’s will that you are finally where there is no harm and pain. It is well.

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