Genge rapper Jua Cali, is one of the most successful but humble musicians in Kenya and one who’s reputation has never been tainted by any form of controversy.

In an exclusive interview with, Jua Cali, revealed that the cheapest item he owns in his closet are his boxers, which costs a mere Sh100.

For a man as successful as Juacali, you wouldn’t expect him to appear that modest.

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jua cali 1 - Jua Cali reminisces about the last time he got too drunk to walkJua Cali was answering a number of quick fire questions and below are his interesting answers.

Cheapeast thing he owns

Boxers! My designer boxers cost me Ksh100!

Subject he did not like in school 

JC: Chem

One thing he can never do in life

JC: Do drugs

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Last time he was too drunk 

JC: Kitambo sana

A country he wouldn’t go back to

JC: Nigeria, ni country ya uduu poleni ma naija

Most emotional time of his life

JC: When my kids were born, because I am always there to witness their births.

Watch Jia Cali’s reaction when revealing the most expensive and cheapest items he owns.

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