Willy Paul doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Recently, he told off a fan who branded him ‘gay’ on Instagram.

The halleluja star who is used to online trolls decided to give a fan a taste of his own medicine.

In the Instagram altercation, the singer shared a topless photo of himself in bed. He is currently in Houston, USA.

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As usual, fans liked and commented on the photo. What ired Willy Paul was one fan’s comments that read:

“Willy Paul, we know you are gay, That’s why your face is feminine,” the fan posted.

The gospel singer-turned-contemporary star did not let that comment slide. He shot out at the fan with a savage response.

Blood was spilt.

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Willy Paul wrote (We have heavily paraphrased what he said. Most of it were unprintables):

“Please don’t try me I’m in very good moods. Hopefully, your children don’t end up as ignorant as yourself,” he retorted.

Screen Shot 2019 05 27 at 6.19.34 AM - Willy Paul’s savage response to fan who calls him gay
Willy Paul savage response to fan

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