Lovy Longonba and his brother Christian were the kings of Kenyan music in the ’90s.

They topped charts with their hits like Queen and Dondosa.

Here is one of their tracks Vuta Pumz.

Now, Lovy, one half of the Longombas is a “Prophet”.

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Lovy Longomba 1 - Lovy Longomba is charging Ksh 30,000 to join his Prophetic SchoolIn his bio, Lovy said he was “was visited by the Lord Jesus at the age of 6, in a vision”.

“In this vision, the Lord told him that he was a prophet and showed him how He was going to use him and send him to the nations; highlighting a place surrounded by mountains.”

The bio adds, “Fast forward to 2013, the Lord positioned Prophet Lovy in the valley of Los Angeles, CA and instructed him to begin a prayer group, in his living room, just as he was shown from his childhood visitation. Rooted in the prophetic, deliverance and healing, what began as a living room meeting has expanded to what would become Revelation Church.”

“Today, Revelation Church stands to fulfil the word of God, through the life and ministry of Prophet Lovy.”

Lovy has a prophetic school and he wants the Christian faithful to enrol at a fee of Ksh 30,000.

Prophet Lovy’s Prophetic School will be a 3-day event. There will be two sessions per day; morning and evening, culminating with an anointing service on Thursday Night.

A private stream will be available for those that cannot make it in person.

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Screen Shot 2019 05 28 at 12.30.13 PM - Lovy Longomba is charging Ksh 30,000 to join his Prophetic School
Lovy Longomba’s prophet school

Lovy prophesies every Sunday for his congregations. At times he even coming up with their house numbers and even addresses for apartment blocks. He gets visions of the prophesies when he goes into a trance.

Speaking to his congregation in a Youtube video, Lovy said,

“Everybody has a measure of the prophetic, but there are levels and dimensions in the prophetic. A prophet is born with the ability to prophesy and see. He is trained by God himself and is born with a prophetic spirit.”

He added, “A prophet is not anointed but he is called to anoint people. You are going to be baptised into the prophetic.”

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