Music mogul King Kaka seems to have had a very fruitful visit to France.

During his Cannes Festival stint, King Kaka meet American singer, actress and producer Selena Marie Gomez.


He immediately shared a photo of himself and Selena on social media during the event.

King Kaka wrote:

“Ohh that’s me and Selena Gomez. Dedicating this post to all Kenyan girls. Believe you are strong, believe you are capable and believe anything is possible. Inspiration from Selena Gomez for each one of you,” King Kaka captioned the photo.

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feed remy martin 14 - America pop idol Selena Gomez to star in King Kaka’s movieRecently, King Kaka took to social media to share what he is working on a film project with  Selena Gomez and Michael Bonnamy.

“Son of the Land finds himself in France. Its movies Time grab your popcorns,” he wrote.

Besides this, the rapper just released a single featuring ’90s star Rapper Cassidy, their music project together was titled Far Away.


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