Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu alias Baba Yao has finally completed dowry payments for his wife Winnie Ndungu that he started 30 years ago.

Waititu wedded his wife Winnie in a traditional ceremony, known in Kikuyu culture as ‘ngurario’.

This is normally the last traditional wedding phase that couples in Kikuyu homes undergo to fully confirm that they are husband and wife.

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Waititu dowry 1 - Governor Waititu pays wife’s dowry 30 years after the process began
Waititu dowry

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The governor had not completed this important ceremony 30 years and two daughters later.

The reason why this ceremony is very important in Kikuyu culture is that a father cannot receive bride price for their own daughter if they themselves haven’t completed paying the dowry for their own wife.

In photos seen by Mpasho, one can see the governor having the time of his life alongside his wife in a ceremony where both wore stunning traditional attire.

Waititu dowry 2 - Governor Waititu pays wife’s dowry 30 years after the process began
Waititu dowry

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The ‘ngurario’ usually acts as the last part of a traditional wedding and couples who get married in religious ceremonies are considered ‘incomplete’ until they finish the process.

The event is encapsulated by the ‘gutinia kiande’ (cutting the shoulder) part which includes the man cutting a roasted chunk of the forequarter for his wife.

Waititu and his wife have been blessed with two beautiful daughters; Monica Ndung’u and Josephine Ndung’u. The oldest is a doctor at Kenyatta National Hospital and Josephine is a lawyer.

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