Anne Kansime has finally responded to bloggers who have on different occasions circulated fake news about her being dead.

According to Kansime such news causes pain and panic among her family and friends.

‘Critics said I sold my uterus for fame,’ Anne Kansime confesses

Kansime further urged the bloggers to focus on telling the truth even when it is boring.

Bloggers need a sleep pill, Be easy. Always tell the truth, I know it can get boring when you tell the truth but if you tell the truth it can be interesting. So many horrible stories about my ‘death’ have been written.

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Anne Kansime

‘Stop sending me naughty photos and videos!’ Anne Kansime begs Kenyans

Kansime adds that at some point people even accused her of dealing in hard drugs even when it was obvious that she has never dealt with such.

According to people I died in South Africa, Japan, and in Kenya. I was also told that I had dealt with bags of cocaine yet I was just in my bed.

Speaking on how she deals about it Kansime said,

I try to focus on my true angels who follow me and who know where I am.

Listen more on the video below.

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