Kenyan’s contemporary singer Willy Paul has once again created such a buzz over his stage performance on Friday night.

His performance with Tanzanian singer Nandy was centred around grinding and simulating sensual moves.

Willy Paul’s fans have already given up on him going back to gospel music and have decided to accept him.

One fan even made a poster of Willy Paul’s future collabo prospects.

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cardi N Willy P - Willy Paul officially goes secular with rauchy performance with Nandy

Another fan, @lewisdmeg tweeted in support of Willy Paul,

“Hate him or not, #willypaul is the best performing and the most likely to succeed artist in East Africa.”

The two were performing at Choma na Ngoma event at KICC where they ground on each other shamelessly, to the glee of the audience members.

Willy Paul and Nandy served up major chemistry on stage as they flirted heavily with each other.

There was even a bed prop on stage.

Nandy’s choice of stage costume added the fuel to the already steaming hot fire of their performance.

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If you missed their performance check out the video below.

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