Corazon Kwamboka is happy that her fight with endometriosis is over. Kwamboka has for the first time revealed that she had 2 large cysts on both her ovaries.

Screenshot from 2019 06 03 111806 - Corazon Kwamboka narrates her struggle with endometriosis

In a lengthy social media message, Kwamboka wrote to her doctor Ongech, thanking him for giving her hope that has enabled her to overcome this.

I want to take this time to thank my gynaecologist DR. Ongech. 
Why? As of today I am an endometriosis survivor, yes, no more ovarian cysts thanks to this great doctor. I battled hard to write this because I felt like I’m stripping myself and telling my health issues to the whole world, I’m a believer of privacy, but I know this may help one little girl in one little village reading this. When I walked into his office, I had no hope, depressed (from a bad breakup) and realizing that I had 2 large cysts ( 7cm and 3cm) on both my ovaries. He gave me hope and assured me everything would be okay, he took my matter to heart and conducted my surgery with upmost know-how and today, my scan results are back, I’m happy to say I’m a survivor. 
Thank you Doctor. 

she added that;

Most thankful to God and my mum too, she was there with me the whole period, feeling my pain and holding my hand. I will never be able to repay you mum, but I’ll try.
To any girl with very painful periods, please go check it out. Your menses are not supposed to be that painful.

Apart from Kwamboka many other women have suffered from this and Kenyan singer and media personality Njambi Koikai is currently fighting it, a process she says has not been easy.

‘I was in diapers for so long,’ Endometriosis warrior Njambi Koikai narrates

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