After Bahati changed his look, Diana Marua was not happy at all. Especially after Bahati told her his DMs are on fire.

Bahati teased the wife saying,

Babe, I just think you’re jealous. My DM is full of girls saying ‘I look like the gospel’s Jason Derulo.

Diana quickly replied to him saying;

You did it for them [girls].

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This was followed by Bahati posting the new look on Instagram asking his fans for their candid opinion on the new look.

One of the people who gave their opinion is none other than Vera Sidika.

Check out what she wrote,

Screen Shot 2019 05 29 at 7.24.42 AM - Vera Sidika flirts with Bahati! Someone tell Diana Marua (screenshot)

Lord have mercy! Willy Paul and Nandy’s dancers in freak accident.

Vera did not just post one love hear emoji, but four just to emphasize how much in love she is with Bahati’s locks.

Reiterating her stance about the hairstyle, Diana Marua told the Bahati Reality show directors,

Wasee, mimi hata sina words (Guys, I don’t have words). I don’t like them (dreadlocks) and I told Bahati.

As a follow up to this, Diana plotted to shave them off. And she did when he was asleep.

Screen Shot 2019 05 29 at 7.23.29 AM - Vera Sidika flirts with Bahati! Someone tell Diana Marua (screenshot)He later cut the rest of the faux locks off and retained his earlier short do.

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