The much anticipated Citizen TV’s JKL show ended unceremoniously on Wednesday. The guest, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, walked out in the middle of an interview.

Sonko, who has been criticized heavily for attacking Esther Passaris on Madaraka Day. In a video, that ignited mixed reactions, the governor demeaned the Nairobi women rep and told her,


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Sonko came armed with audio recordings, text messages and documents to justify why he abused Esther.

During the interview, he kept accusing the Woman Rep of swindling money from the county government. He also claimed that Passaris has demanded a per diem several times, saying this time around, he wasn’t going to pay her.

The Nairobi County women representative wanted her per diem to be paid twice. I have not paid her and I will not pay.

The flamboyant governor took control of the show despite Koinange’s effort to steer the conversation to other topics.

Sonko further told the host not to ask him another question unless he was allowed to answer the previous one.

Don’t ask me another question before I answer the one you Asked earlier…. Usinipeleke mbio vile Hussein hupeleka Deputy President hapa.

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Things took an ugly turn and after a lengthy break, the show was brought to a halt. Kenyans have reacted to how the show ended abruptly and Dennis Itumbi has backed Sonko.

His message to the Nairobi governor read,

Truth is a great virtue. Facts are a great style of communication.

Over the years I have learnt that as long as you take the side of truth and Facts you will never be disappointed.

Jesus himself identified himself with Truth, proclaiming I am the Truth.

The power of truth is so serious that it has become a centrepiece of human relations as much as it is a spiritual condition for eternity.

The important thing to know about truth is that it is unchangeable; it is ageless and constant.
Truth does not vary or shift, it is a piece of unalterable reality. It follows, therefore, that truth is the same for all of us.

Truth is the best lie, you do not have to remember it.

Mark Twain was spot on, in observing that, a lie can travel around the world as truth is putting on shoes, in other words truth may take time but at the end of the day it carries the day.

It is said that Truth does not change depending on our ability to stomach or appreciate it.

Speak the truth, even if you are alone, as long as you know it to be true, do not shy from speaking – Say it.

I call it #SystemYaFacts
It may pain and attract negativity for a while, but there is no lie more powerful than the letter and word of truth.

We end it this way, Ephesians 4:25, “Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.” Have a Truthful week. Table Facts in debates and they will always go for sideshows.

I dedicate this sermon to Governor Mike Sonko. – not even a TV station or a ‘System’ can stop Facts.

Keep them coming.

God Bless You, Keep You and Favour You.

Other comments from Kenyans include;

Miguna Miguna: On the aborted @MikeSonko interview, I stand with @KoinangeJeff. Mr. Koinange does not own @citizentvkenya; SK Machria does. SK Macharia’s son, James Macharia, is Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet secretary for infrastructure, housing and urban development. That water runs deep. #JKLive

Lord Mutai: I’m just sad what our leaders are doing to us. Esther Passaris taking allowances and drawing per diems twice from the taxpayers. From Parliament and from Nairobi County… This is unacceptable. KENYANS are suffering others are looting #JKLive

62047306 2410755578962776 4454549593316655104 n - ‘God bless you,’ Itumbi praises Sonko after aborted Citizen TV interview

Makazev: This show will never bring in an ordinary citizen who has done exemplary service to this nation, just politicians who want to drive their agendas. #JKLive

Kenyan Deportee: Honestly speaking, @MikeSonko did not insult Esther Passaris, this is just a narrative by toxic feminists to act victim #JKLive

Miguna Miguna: Mr. @KoinangeJeff: It’s unethical to invite a guest for an interview then terminate the interview because of some dubious “editorial” and “quality control.” Mr. @MikeSonko came prepared. @citizentvkenya clearly terminated the interview because you could not ensnare him. #JKLive

Kazimo Kips: @citizentvkenya @KoinangeJeff #JKLIVE Sonko the worrier, JKLive must know that it’s not a guarantee that they win… No need for calling the guest to be questioned without giving sufficient time to the defence.. Boring

The Rapper: Sonko never misses a recording, a receipt or a document. Huyu msee wakishikana na Nganga watakua chief general commander’s 1f602 - ‘God bless you,’ Itumbi praises Sonko after aborted Citizen TV interview (But that tactic is good) sio bluffing tu. #JKLive

Lord Mutai: Wooooow Sonko!! I’m shocked what Esther Passaris has been hiding behind her humbleness. A total liar and swindler. #JKLive

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