Natalie Tewa’s ex Moses Mukiibi popularly known as Rnaze has revealed has that he doesn’t believe in religion anymore.

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Rnaze said he was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity. Now, he has revealed that he doesn’t believe in religion anymore though he respects other people’s beliefs in whichever religion they are in.

Rnaze ug - ‘I don’t believe in religion anymore!’ Natalie Tewa’s ex lover Rnaze says

While wishing his Muslims friends a happy Eid Mubarak, he wrote;

I was born a Muslim, converted into a Christian in my teens and wandered through the first 28 years of my life absolutely confused until one day the Universe introduced me to the ‘Truth’. I may not believe in religion anymore, but I respect everyone’s choice.
Here is to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters a blessed Eid.

The Ugandan photographer seems to have moved on from his nasty break up with the Kenyan Vlogger Natalie Tewa.

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He shared a photo of two sexy South African women and said he was moving to the southern Africa nation.

Screenshot from 2019 06 06 103100 - ‘I don’t believe in religion anymore!’ Natalie Tewa’s ex lover Rnaze says

The two broke up a few weeks ago and after Vera Sidika’s intervention, they met talked through their issues and agreed to parted ways. Their press statement claimed it was a mutual agreement.

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