Zari Hassan is in seventh heaven.

This comes after she rid herself of Diamond’s narcissistic vibes. Zari dumped Diamond because of his numerous sexual dalliances with women that made headlines all over East Africa.

Now, she is dating again and her new man, King Bae has bought her a house in South Africa.


The only downside in Zari’s seemingly perfect fairy tale is that she is adding weight. To cope with this, Zari has decided to hit the gym. Seriously.

Me? Hate Zari? No, never! Says Diamond Platnumz’ lead TV presenter

zari 1 - Zari counts her blessings after blocking Diamond Platnumz
Zari posing

Taking to Snapchat, Zari listed some of the great things that have been making her fat.

“Healthy kids, good food, good sex, money in the bank and peace of mind. Everything is making me fat,” wrote Zari.

Adding, “Gym is the only solution. I don’t want problems to lose weight. Chei, problems will finish you in a day.”

Zari was shading her tubulent relationship with Diamond where she lost so much weight due to stress.

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