Image. Perception. It is all a house of soggy cards.

It always comes tumbling down if the foundation is not rooted in wealth.

Most of our personalities try their hardest to keep up appearances of affluence and the good life because that is what their fans expect from them.

The truth is, it is all a mirage. An Illusion. Yote ni vanity, according to modern day philosopher, Daddy Owen.

PESA OTAS NI SHOWBIZ TUU? Rapper Laments About Being Broke And NOT Getting Music Jobs

Here is list of personalities who portray a flashy lifestyle but cannot back it up with the money.


Screenshot from 2016 11 21 20 41 38 - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their meansGospel star Ringtone was thrown out of his 7-bedroom, two-storey mansion in Karen after he defaulted on rent.

The owner decided to make the matter public by sending a lawyer with a letter asking him to pay up, ASAP.

Nilitoka Karen Niko Runda! Ringtone Is Super Pissed At Reports That He Was Thrown Out Like A Dog (EVICTION LETTER INSIDE)

Dennis Oliech

Dennis Oliech - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their meansKenya’s football darling Dennis Oliech was said to be tethering on the brink of financial ruin.

Numerous media reports outlined how he has sold off some of his real estate properties to finance his ostentatious lifestyle.

LIPA DENI! Dennis Oliech Rubbishes Claims That He Is Broke And Owes Real Estate Agent Thousands Of Shillings In Commission (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Steve Mbogo

Mbogo51 - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their means

Politician Steve Mbogo has most times been criticised for talking a big game. Steve hosted a bigger than life birthday party at Dusit D2 that was the talk of town for months on end.

However, his landlord called him out on his claims that he owns the Karen house in which he lived in at one time.

Read all about it here: LIPA AMA UHAME! Steve Mbogo’s Angry Landlord Planning To Throw Him Out Of His Posh Home

Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their means

Jimmy Gait has earned the online street moniker of Mr Viral Song Title.

Anyhow, when he made his comeback after a short music hiatus, Jimmy Gait confessed that he was once thrown out of his house by the landlord.

‘Yes, I Was Thrown Out By The Landlord A Couple Of Times,’ Jimmy Gait Says, ‘And My Girlfriend Left Me!’ (CANDID INTERVIEW)

L Jay Maasai

l jay maasai - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their means

Flashy lifestyles and putting up appearances usually hides a multitude of sins.

Like debt and non payment of rent.

At one time, L Jay Maasai, who was voted the Best Artiste in the 2016 Groove Awards, was couch surfing at a female friend’s house.

This was because he was evicted from his rental apartment in Kasarani Equity area, for failing to pay rent for around 3 months.

Mpasho Exclusive: L Jay Maasai Allegedly Kicked Out Of His Apartment Over 3 Months’ Rent Arrears

Louis Otieno

louis otieno - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their means

He was a larger than life media personality. Former TV news anchor Louis Otieno has been accused of coercing his late girlfriend, Careen Chepchumba, to borrow hefty amounts of money to fund his lifestyle.

Hosea Kili, Chepchumba’s father, in a court testimony, said his daughter incurred a Sh3 million debt, monies she spent on Otieno’s rent, medical expenses in Nairobi Hospital and in South Africa.

Check out the rest here:  Court Told About How Louis Otieno Allegedly Coerced His Dead Ex Girlfriend To Pay His Rent

Ben Kitili

Ben Kitili Main - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their means

This KTN News anchor was put on blast when he refused to own up and pay a debt of Sh25,000 that is owed to a gardener.

He defended himself in an online post saying, he did not pay it because the services were shoddy.

Kenyans online went ham on him asking, “Kwani? How much is he paid?”

KTN News Anchor Rants Online After Being Blasted Badly. LIPA MADENI BOSS

Pastor Bishop Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari - List of 8 personalities who live beyond their means

The grand harvester himself is also a slave to debt.

Pastor Victor Nduta Mwangi Kanyari was accused by a man only identified as Henry, who called Radio Jambo during Mbusi Na Lion Show, and claimed that he had given the self-proclaimed prophet  Kshs 3,000 but he failed to refund the monies back. Get the details in the link below.

Lipa Deni! Pastor Kanyari Accused Of Conning One Of His Followers 3,000 Shillings (AUDIO)

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